Effectiveness of DECIDE in Patient-Provider Communication, Therapeutic Alliance & Care Continuation

The Center has recently been selected for funding by the Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI), to address the importance of patient-provider communication, shared decision making, and therapeutic alliance. Experts suggest that deficiencies in quality behavioral health care could be addressed if providers sought patientsí perspective about their illness and shared power and responsibility. Shared decision making (SDM), a form of patient-provider communication where both parties bring expertise to make treatment decisions, has the potential to improve quality of behavioral health care. Our research team conducted a patient intervention (DECIDE-PA) that showed improvements in patient activation and self-management in behavioral health care.  The current grant proposes to combine DECIDE-PA with a provider coaching intervention (DECIDE-PC) to increase providersí receptivity to patient activation, and improve SDM.

Our objectives are the following:
1) Test the effectiveness of DECIDE PA+PC compared to usual care in improving SDM and patient-perceived quality of behavioral health care; 
2) Test whether patient entered communication and therapeutic alliance mediate the effect of DECIDE PA+PC on SDM;
3) Explore whether ethnic/racial or language matching between patient and provider moderates the relationship between the effect of DECIDE PA+PC on shared decision making and quality of behavioral health care.
The PCORI grant is currently being processed for funding and is anticipated to begin in August. See the PCORI website for a description of the award.

Funding Acknowledgement

This study is supported by Contract number CD-12-11-4187, funded by the Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI).