About Us

Welcome to the Center for Multicultural Mental Health Research!

From left to right: top row - Stephen Loder, Andrea Ault-Brutus, Xulián Mozo-Alegría, Ben Cook, Daniel Jimenez, Nicholas Carson, Alisa Lincoln, Bryan Cortez; bottom row - Xinliang Li, Ana Franco, Nilay Kafali, Margarita Alegría, Sheri Lapatin Markle, Helen Wang, Nathalie Chouery

The Center, led by Dr. Margarita Alegría, is based at the Cambridge Health Alliance, a large public hospital system, and collaborates with outside institutions such as the Harvard University Medical School and the Recinto de Ciencias Médicas at the University of Puerto Rico.

Our mission is to generate innovative mental health services research that impacts policy, practice, and service delivery for multicultural populations. We are comprised of an interdisciplinary group of psychologists, social policy analysts, health economists, psychiatrists, data analysts, sociologists, and other professionals that assist in the research and analysis of Center projects.

There are currently several NIH-funded projects operating at the Center: the joint UPR/CHA Research Center of Excellence, the Comparative Effectiveness Research for Eliminating Disparities (CERED) supplement, an R01 on the Effects of Social Context, Culture and Minority Status on Depression and Anxiety, and an R01 and Supplement on Understanding Mechanisms of Mental Health Episodes.