UPR-CHA Research Center of Excellence

The Center for Multicultural Mental Health Research in collaboration with the University of Puerto Rico has recently begun work on a new grant:UPR-CHA Research Center of Excellence: Making a Difference for Latino Health funded through the National Institute on Minority Health and Health Disparities. The UPR-CHA RCE will build on the strengths and experiences of the UPR-CHA EXPORT Center. The UPR-CHA RCE is led by an experienced and diverse research team with a long history of collaboration and commitment to the study of service disparities among minority populations.

Excellence In Partnerships For Community Outreach, Research on Health Disparities and Training

In conjunction with the University of Puerto Rico and Harvard Medical School, the Center for Multicultural Mental Health Research was part of a multi-site EXPORT (Excellence In Partnerships For Community Outreach, Research on Health Disparities and Training) Center, funded through the National Center on Minority Health and Health Disparities. The goal of this Center is to generate and test interventions that can remedy service disparities in asthma and mental health for disadvantaged Latino and African Caribbean populations, as well as provide training and research support for investigators interested in disparities research. In addition, the EXPORT Center supports a community outreach component for projects in community-based settings, and research and evaluation consultation is provided to community groups. The EXPORT Center has five core projects, seven core directors, 20 researchers, nine trainees and multiple projects leveraging the expertise of consultants in the Boston area as well as in Puerto Rico.

University of Puerto Rico, Behavioral Sciences Research Institute

Co-Principal Investigator and Research Core Co-Director
Glorisa Canino, Ph.D.

Training Core Co-Director
Jose Conde, M.D., M.P.H.

EXPORT Project Director
Doryliz Vila, M.S.

Department of Health Care Policy, Harvard Medical School

Training Core Co-Director
Richard G. Frank, Ph.D.

Scientific Co-Director
Thomas McGuire, Ph.D.

Shared Resources Co-Director
Sharon-Lise Normand, Ph.D.

Shared Resources Co-Director
Norma Ware, Ph.D.

Cambridge Health Alliance

Co-Principal Investigator
Margarita Alegria, Ph.D.

Research Core Co-Director and Scientific Co-Director
Barbara Dickey, Ph.D.

Community Core Co-Director
Norah Mulvaney-Day, Ph.D.

Advisory Board
Hortensia Amaro, Ph.D.
Joseph Betancourt, M.D., M.P.H.
Glen Flores, M.D., FAAP
Greg Fritz, Ph.D.
Peter Guarnaccia, Ph.D.
David R. Williams, Ph.D.


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