Our Purpose

CHA is providing expert caring, developing innovative new care models, partnering with the community and advocating for a more just society.

At CHA, we believe everyone deserves the opportunity to be healthy. Our providers and staff are committed to improving access to care, while pursuing health equity and social justice.

We support policies that protect and improve the health of all, with a special focus on underserved people in our communities and across our nation. This is core to our mission. 

Our Advocacy for Better Health

Pieter Cohen on Supplements

Dr. Pieter Cohen

Fighting for stronger regulation of dietary supplements in the U.S.

Dr. Ana Progovac

Dr. Ana Progovac's nationally-funded research

Working tirelessly to improve the health of transgender and gender non-binary people.

Dr. Adam Gaffney

Dr. Adam Gaffney is working to improve America's health

Advocating for single payer healthcare as President of Physicians for a National Health Program.

New CHA Educational Center

Launching a new center for health care equity (CHEEA)

CHA is helping health care providers be more effective advocates for change in health care.

Doctors talking happily

A leader in multi-lingual and culturally-competent care

CHA interpreters help patients and their doctors communicate better during 300,000 visits a year.

Our Delivery System Innovation

Finding new ways to bring care to the people.

  • Maintaining access to care during COVID-19, with telehealth visits, COVID testing in the community, and a community management model to provide expert care while keeping people out of the hospital. 
  • Expanding Primary Care teams. Today, every CHA primary care patient has a multi-functional team to help them manage their health. Teams are led by primary care doctors and include nurses, behavioral health clinicians, pharmacists and other providers. Twelve CHA care centers are Level 3 Patient-Centered Medical Homes (NCQA) and have received PRIME Certification from the Massachusetts Health Policy Commission.
  • Improving access to behavioral health services. CHA is placing increasing emphasis on whole person health, including bringing behavioral health services to people in more accessible ways:
    • Every CHA Care Center has integrated behavioral health clinicians on its care teams and provides suboxone treatment. This lets us meet behavioral health and addiction needs in a safe, familiar location. It also reduces potential stigma of associated with behavioral health. 
    • CHA has a Health Integration Program (Mental Health Home) for patients with intensive or chronic mental illness. This service is a home base for patients, meeting their outpatient behavioral health needs while providing primary care.
    • CHA is helping address the opioid crisis by placing Recovery Coaches in its Emergency Departments. This engages people at the initial point of contact to help them access recovery services.
  • Supporting patients who need it most. CHA is committed to helping patients with multiple health conditions who need more support. This may include regular phone calls and help navigating the health system. CHA is also identifying social determinants of health, and connecting patients to resources that can improve their health and their lives.
  • Building a Population Health infrastructure to adapt to new health care financial models that use global payments.

Video: Our Recovery Coach Program

Addiction touches us all. Find out about CHA's Recovery Coaches. Learn how these special staff members connect with people when they are ready to receive counseling and guidance about their addiction.

What is Care to the People?

What is Care to the People?

Care to the People is our rallying cry, born from our passion to reduce barriers to care and advocate for change.

CHA exists for our patients and communities. No matter who you are or what challenges you face, whether you are a newcomer or longtime resident, you deserve the opportunity to live your healthiest life. This is what drives our unwavering commitment to better health for all. When you choose CHA – as your health system, your employer, or as a cause to support, you are taking a stand for your health and the health of your community. You are choosing health with purpose.

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