Family Medicine Residency

Welcome to the Tufts University Family Medicine Residency at CHA

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Family Medicine Residecny Group Photo of all residents and faculty

Redefining Excellence in Primary Care

Health Equity

CHA is an integrated healthcare system with 13 primary care centers and 2 acute care community hospitals. Our explicit mission is to serve our diverse and complex patient population. We cultivate a passion for health equity and deliver the training needed to provide excellent care across a spectrum of primary care, population health, mental health and substance abuse.

Emphasis on Outpatient Training

Our residents become expert outpatient clinicians, understanding the unique and sophisticated skills needed in primary care. Our clinic is our curriculum and is recognized as a NCQA Level 3 (highest rank) Patient Centered Medical Home.

We also offer a rotation at CHA Malden Teen Health Center, where residents provide primary care for students attending Malden High School.

A Team Approach

Our residents develop strong and nuanced skills in team development, collaboration and leadership needed for effective team-based care.

Competency Based Curriculum

We support adult learners with clear learning goals. A robust information mastery curriculum creates a culture of evidence-based medicine, and a rigorous collection of didactics and clinical experiences backed by a sophisticated assessment system puts the learner in the driver’s seat.

Leadership, Quality Improvement and Change Management

Residents participate in longitudinal experiential and didactic work to equip them to be drivers of authentic improvement and innovation in primary care.

Areas of Concentration

Each resident graduates with advanced training in a self-selected area of interest within family medicine, including women’s health, addiction, adolescent and pediatrics, inpatient, geriatrics, integrative, sports, palliative care, PCMH, community health and academic medicine.

Tufts Family Medicine Residency is at the forefront of addictions training! Find out more about the addictions training program here.

Community Building

Each individual has a unique story. We aspire to be curious and learn from one another in service of being better colleagues and better doctors. All teach, all learn.

Why the Tufts Family Medicine Residency?

Find out more about the Tufts Family Medicine Residency Program at CHA.

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