Nursing Residency

Welcome to the CHA Graduate RN Residency Program

An exciting 12-month experience to help new RNs transition from the classroom to 
real-world practice.

Nursing cohort 11 group photoAs a RN resident, you will work within a vibrant community hospital system located outside of Boston, MA. You will deliver care, learn alongside a cohort of other new RNs, and support our vision of providing equity and excellence for everyone, every time. Join us and help us give our diverse patients the care they need throughout their lives. 

Eligible nurses must have graduated from a BSN, ABSN or AD program, successfully passed the NCLEX exam, and have less than 6 months work experience as an RN.

Residency Benefits

As a new RN, the workplace can be a challenging maze of responsibilities, policies, procedures and politics. It is a steep learning curve, and you shouldn’t have to navigate it alone. 

As part of our residency program, you will work as an RN at CHA, which offers excellent pay and benefits. You will be partnered with experienced RN preceptors who will help you transition to providing care in a hospital setting or a community based clinic. You will orient on your selected unit and follow your preceptors by working up to 40 hours per week on a varying schedule. This may include evening, night, weekend and holiday shifts.  

In addition, you’ll attend education sessions to help refine your nursing practice. This includes fine tuning your clinical knowledge, critical thinking, clinical judgment, and professional practice - skills that will support you throughout your career.

Once you have successfully completed your unit orientation you will function independently as an RN while continuing to attend monthly cohort meetings.

The Commitment

While many of our graduates find a permanent home at CHA, nurses who complete the program should plan to remain at CHA for at least two years.

Nurse Residency Program FAQs

  • How long is the nurse residency program?

    The program lasts for 12 months with monthly cohort members meeting on topics designed to help you transition into practice as an RN

  • Do I get benefits during my orientation and residency?

    Yes. New graduate nurses are paid as nurses during orientation and receive the same benefits including shift differentials, earned time accrual and health insurance.

  • How long is orientation to a unit and what does that look like?

    Orientation typically lasts 12 weeks. You will work with a preceptor up to 40 hours per week. When you successfully complete your orientation, you will work the hours required for your position.

  • What kind of support do new grads receive?
    • New grads are supported on their unit by their preceptor and manager as well as nurse educators.
    • New nurses are eligible to participate in Employee Assistance Program offered through KGA.
    • New grads will have the opportunity to share experiences and receive support not only from the residence faculty but their cohort as well.
  • Can I choose what area I want to work in?

    There are many factors that affect where you will be placed for orientation and final placement. The majority of new graduate RNs will be in acute care/medical surgical settings. Placements in areas such as the emergency department, maternity, labor and delivery, behavioral health and ambulatory clinics do occur, but are limited. Applicants who have completed senior practicums or have worked in specialty areas prior to graduation may be considered for those positions if available.

  • What are the requirements?
    • Graduate of an accredited college/university with an AD, BSN or ABSN in the past 6 months

    • Successful passing of the NCLEX examination¬†

    • Verified license as an RN in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

    • Current AHA BLS certification

    • Successful candidates should not have worked as an RN to be considered for the New Graduate RN residency program.

    • Application must provide a cover letter, resume and personal statement or narrative of a lived experience that led you to pursue nursing as a career

How to Apply

The CHA Graduate RN Residency is open to all applicants, with preference given to staff currently working at CHA and nursing students who have completed a senior practicum at CHA.

Cohorts begin twice a year in March/April and September/October. Deadlines for application to the spring cohort is February - deadline to apply to the fall cohort is August. 

For questions, please email us at

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