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  • Aug 04, 2016

Finding joy in the practice of medicine

Jennifer Adaeze Okwerekwu, MD, is a first-year resident in the adult psychiatry training program at CHA.

She received her MD from the University of Virginia in the spring of 2016 and comes to CHA with a breadth of experience in media and issues facing communities of color.

Although she has only been at CHA for a few weeks Dr. Okwerekwu believes that she has found a special place to work after meeting, and interacting, with a number of clinical leaders across the organization. Since medical school she has felt that joy can only be found outside of a work environment and was happily delighted to find out that CHA urges its clinicians to seek out happiness in the workplace.

Recently Dr. Okwerekwu shared her experiences in an article she wrote for STAT, an online health and life sciences publication, on this idea of finding happiness while practicing medicine.

Dr. Okwerekwu explained that “For the first time in a long time, I feel energized and excited to live the practice of medicine rather than compartmentalize it.” She went on to say, “I’m only a few days into my training, but as far as I can tell the Cambridge Health Alliance seems like a special place. I’ve been introduced to the radical idea that there can be joy in medicine, not just in the spaces we occupy away from it.”

Read more of Dr. Okwerekwu’s article here.

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