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Healthy Now Blog

  • Oct 14, 2019

Halal practice

Halal products are foods that are allowed to be consumed under Islamic dietary guidelines

  • Oct 02, 2019

CHA celebrates National Coming Out Day

CHA offers support and services for all members of the community.

  • Oct 02, 2019

Helpful advice from your neighborhood Physical Therapist

CHA physical therapists work with your muscles, joints, and other body parts to help you recover from injuries, medical procedures, or other health conditions.

  • Oct 01, 2019

Mês de Conscientização Sobre a Violência Doméstica

o Centro CHA de Recursos para Vítimas possui profissionais Especialistas em Serviços para Vítimas, com experiência em traumas, vitimização, defesa de vítimas e no sistema de justiça criminal.

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