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Travel from Boston to the World

If you are traveling outside the US, you may need special precautions to protect your health, including immunizations or medicine. At the CHA Travel Medicine Clinic we provide a full range of services to help adults stay safe and healthy as you travel overseas from Boston.

When you visit us, our team will give you expert advice about health conditions across the globe, and help protect your health before, during and after your travel.

We recommend getting travel medicine services 30 days before your trip.

Custom Health Travel Plans

We'll talk with you about your upcoming travel and put together a personal care plan for you. Our TRAVAX Software will give you a report for each stop on your trip, covering more than 200 international destinations. This includes health risks, pre-departure preparations, recommended vaccines, in-country safety tips and other topics - like food safety and adjusting to time zone and climate differences.

PLEASE NOTE: CHA Travel Medicine services are not covered up front by insurance and will require direct payment for your visit (cash or credit card). Some insurance plans reimburse you afterwards with receipt of an itemized bill.

Contact Us: 617-591-4660

Services We Offer

  • Travel medicine consultations
  • Immunizations and vaccines, including Yellow Fever
  • Prescriptions
  • Health and safety travel guidance

Conditions We Treat

  • Health Advisories
  • Needed Vaccines
  • Travel Preparations

Where You Can Find Us

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